Baked Eggs in Ham Cups (alternate name: Pinterest Fail)


The really cool thing about the food I cook, is that is tastes good even when it doesn’t look good.

Sometimes it’s because I go off the book with recipes and decide I’m too good for them, other times it’s because I forget [possibly refuse] to buy the adorable fresh green  parsley/basil/cilantro garnish that legitimate chefs top off their meals with (I mean really, you want me to spend $6 on fresh parsley when I don’t even get to eat it? $6 on fresh parsley = 1 bloody mary, too much opportunity cost there)

I was super pumped to make these because my mother makes them and I’m constantly striving to be just like her. She is The Queen. I couldn’t even get this right though, so where’s the butter knife. (down the river, not across the street you feel me?)

Regardless, they were delicious. Had I bought the proper type of ham and cooked them in the correct souffle cups the meal would have been much more aesthetically pleasing and my life might be considerably different right now. I’d be registered to attend the 2014 Food & Wine Expo to demo how to make these. Instead, I’m demoing them for my puppy Marlee.

Sliced Ham (please for the love of all things yummy don’t buy prepackaged ham)
Cherry Tomatoes
Cooking Oil

ANYWAYS, I won’t bore you with my ramblings anymore. You’re here because you want to make egg cups.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees and lightly grease your souffle cups with cooking oil. I prefer soybean oil because it’s not hydrogenated and it’s certified organic. Use 2 thinly sliced pieces of your FAVORITE HAM (just tell Paul at the Boars Head deli counter you want your ham “thin, but not too thin”…he got a really nice Christmas card this year). Make sure the entire interior of your souffle cups are covered.

I buy Organic Valley feta cubes that are soaked in olive oil and spices. What spices? No idea. Do I care at all? No. Could you possibly use regular crumbled or blocked feta? I’m sure you could. Heat up some olive oil in a sautee pan, set at medium/high, dice up a few garlic cloves and throw those bad boys in there.

You may have noticed I’m not including measurements for any of this shit. It’s because I was drinking and I can’t remember. Sautee the spinach (I prefer baby spinach) for a few minutes until it essentially becomes like something you didn’t even pay money for…Wilted and sad.

Toss your desired amount of spinach into each ham cup, then throw in some diced cherry tomatoes of your choice (actually, I don’t even know if I for sure used cherry tomatoes) and a few cubes of feta. Basically fill those souffle cups up however you see fit; just make sure to leave room for an egg on top.


Pop these adorable things in the oven for 22-25 minutes (I’m giving you this specific number to work with for a reason). The yolk might look a tad overcooked while the white will look runny. It’s not. It’s perfect. This is one of those times you just have to trust an “expert”.

Remove from oven and let the souffle cups cool down for about a minute; then use a fork to gently lift the ham cup out of the ramekin. Admittedly, this is where I fucked up. There will be no more photos from this point on because it didn’t turn out beautifully like I want you to imagine it did.

The cool thing about this recipe is  you can pretty much alter it to whatever you like to eat. I’ve decided I’m going to call this version “Greek Egg Cups”, but you could do “Southwestern” with potatoes, onions and roasted red peppers, or pretty much anything that tickles your taste buds. I’m laughing at myself.

In a moment of absolute seriousness, don’t think about making these if you don’t also make this homemade bloody mary mix. Breakfast food is pointless without breakfast cocktails: The Kitchen Chaotic Spicy Bloodys

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