Egg & Avocado Toast – the midyear resolution to eat healthy begins

so, i’ve found it nearly impossible to follow a new years resolution of any kind, no matter how simple. (see my last post…from january… where i said i’d update my blog more, and here we are in may) it just cannot be done. thus, i’ve taken on the mentality that they’re stupid and i wont do them. instead – we’re going for the midyear resolution (al la it’s almost beach season). beach season means no more pints of ice cream and i have to start eating my burgers sans gorgonzola and buns. w. t. f.

this is a very hard thing to do. i am the definition of a stress eater- PMSing: hand over the ice cream i don’t need a spoon, Sunday Sadness: ima cry-eat this family sized chocolate bar.

but it’s a price i’m willing to pay to fit into the itsy bitsy polka dot bikini. i was told that toast, wait a minute, grains of any kind, aren’t healthy for you, but i’m trying. this is clean eating for me! it you cut my off completely from all my favorite food groups there’s a high likelihood i would go godzilla on you. i don’t know what that means.

this is going really well so far. writing this out, it feels like i’m attempting to convince myself. but really, i’ve had 3 salads this week and only eaten a family sized bag of sour patch kids once. i wish i sleepwalked and in turn slept ate. you cant be held responsible for what you eat while you’re sleeping.

Avocado Toast. Yum. Super Easy. We don’t like anything that requires a ton of effort around here. I can’t even call this a recipe and feel good about myself.

Yes, eggs and avocado are high in fat and cholesterol but I would like to counter argue the following: avocados are great for heart health, they help to control your blood pressure, they promote eye health, protect against future birth defects, and they reduce the risk of both cancer and potential strokes. I could literally go on and on, but why bore you. eggs also help reduce your risk of cancer, and ward of macular degeneration (good for your peepers).



  • 1 teaspoon butter 
  • egg, beaten
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 slice wheat bread, toast
  • grated parmesan (can’t. help. it.)

Butter on toast, scramble egg, mash avocado. Put mashed avocado on toast, then scrambled egg. If you really want to get creative, add some red pepper flakes. I literally like all of my food to be spicy. Garnish with grated parm.

You’re done! You’re a chef! Put it in your tummy.

you can make so many different versions of this; i’ll be trying this one next:

looks delish, am i right?

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